We make meaningful introductions

And we've been doing so for 7 years (but decided to make a company out of it in April, 2020).

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Have you ever wondered who introduced Steve Jobs and Woz?
Perhaps a more personal question, who introduced your parents?

Point being, introductions are powerful.
Imagine this - two people in your community meet, became life long friends, and then credit your community with making it all happen. Wouldn't that be cool? 

Why we exist

Communities are about the people, not the content. Unfortunately . . .

Current community platforms connect you to other people's content, NOT to other people.

Intros focuses on connecting your community through low-touch text or email introductions. We make high quality, personalized intros between your members so they can stay engaged and find their people.

Our story

David and Rob met in the 2017 Shift incubator while studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan.

One year later, David dropped out of school to run a community engagement product for Gary Vaynerchuck in New York. Rob was already in the city, developing for Goldman Sachs' Commodities Trading Platform, and they began hitting some concerts and tinkering on side projects. They built everything from a virtual assistant to a personal relationship manager.

During the COVID pandemic, everything changed. Rob and David were concerned for their friends affected by the widespread loneliness, so they started a community called MeetSunday. David has built communities and introduction systems for nearly a decade, so they thought to automate introductions between their members. Members would get introduced and meet 1:1 over Zoom every Sunday based on their availability and shared interests.

When David and Rob learned that other communities were starting to make manual introductions between members, Intros was born to help communities scale their personalized introductions.

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