Build meaningful connections in your community with intros

Personalized one on one introductions between members over iMessage, SMS, or Email

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How it works


Customize matching questions

Create and rank questions that inform which members meet


Whitelabel the experience

Edit branding and messaging so members feel at home


Sit back as members connect

We make introductions and helps members find a time to chat


Fill out the form

Intros finds a match based on your custom factors like interests


Get introduced

Intros are made over email, iMessage, or SMS and are personalized for each community member


Build Community

Members create meaningful relationships through intros

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Intros is powerful and easy to use

Our secret sauce is the algorithm. But the truth is, we don't have one standard algorithm.

You see, each community is unique, so introductions also need to be unique. That's why we let you build your own algorithm through the questions you ask members.

Imagine you want to match members up to work on side projects together. You could write a question asking about what time of the day they like to meet, what their time zone is, and even what skills they want in a partner.


With all the features you need

Customize how your members
get matched

With Intros, you can have full customization over what makes a good introduction.

Personalize the experience

Some members want to meet weekly. Other members want to meet monthly. Let them choose what's best and opt out at any time.

Seamless process for members to sign up

Members simply fill out the form and will start getting introduced the following week

Get insights to your community through feedback forms

Learn what your members are discussing and update the experience.

Host one-off events like member speed dating

Host a members only event where members meet someone new every 10 minutes.

Introductions made over text message, email, your call

Intros can make intros wherever your community communicates

What Communities say about us

Here are what some of our current communities have said about their experience with Intros.

About Us

We worked with the Intros team on a Cofounder Speed Dating event. Not only was Intros so critical in facilitating the type of connection people want, but the team was incredible to work with and instrumental in making the event a success. 10/10 would recommend.

Experience Lead, On Deck

A few months back, some of our members gave each other Galantines day gifts. When we asked how they all met, they said "Intros!" THAT is community building.

Community Manager, August

Intros makes it so much easier to find my people than a cold DM. It's become the primary way I meet new people in my community.

Member, Meet Sunday

After growing our community on Slack to 3000+ members, it became crucial to find a way for people to connect more intimately, one-on-one. The options we found offered random and forceful matching that didn’t fit our goals or community vibe. Intros has been the ideal solution that puts the power in the hands of each member and connects people thoughtfully and intentionally.

Chief Community Officer, Visualize Value

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