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The first version of Intros (2020) was built for our own community. If you'd like to hear about the early days, check out the full story!


Why we're here

People join online communities to connect with others. Unfortunately . . .
Current social platforms connect you to other people's content, not to other people.

Despite "connecting the world", platforms like Facebook and TikTok bring us further apart.

Introductions and shared experiences on the other hand lead to meaningful connection.

That's why we make high quality, personalized introductions between your members so they can stay engaged and find their people.

We're changing what it means to "connect" online.


How it all began

How it all began 👇🏼

David started a community in 2019 to bring together creatives and builders over brunch.
Early 2020: Brunch Club

After ~100 brunches, David became known as The Brunch Guy.
Mid 2020: Meet Sunday

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic changed everything.

David wanted to maintain the meaningful connections he saw at in-person brunches, but in a remote-first world.

So, he brought a team together to start building Meet Sunday. Meet another professional every Sunday.
Late 2020: Version 1.0 Intros AI

We realized that other community builders were trying to find new ways to connect their members. They were manually making matches over spreadsheets, hosting virtual events, or just hoping serendipity would do it's thing.

So we figured, what if we built the same thing that we built for ourselves, but for other communities. Intros AI was born.
2021: Version 2.0 Intros AI
We chose an elephant as our logo because elephants "find their pack" and are incredibly supportive to one another. Just like those who meet through Intros AI!

Unfortunately, people didn't get it (not a surprise).
2022: Version 3.0 Intros AI

We raised our first rund of funding from VCs, and started building out our team. We opened up our first private beta.
2023: Version 4.0 Intros AI

We raised our second round of funding from VCs, grew the team, and began picking up momentum.
2024: Version 5.0 coming soon.

Excited for more AI products, integrations, security advancements, and a whole lot more!

Vision & Mission

Vision of Intros
Empowering community builders can create meaningful connections between their members at scale.
Mission we aspire to achieve
Enable millions of online communities to be built around connection, not consumption.

We don’t like bragging but stats don’t lie, right? 😎

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