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Intros AI

Today, we’re proud to officially introduce Intros Ai, making meaningful 1:1 and group experiences between members of your community. As of today, Intros Ai is in public beta and any community builder can create an Intros Club for free.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve raised $1.3M from amazing firms Neo, Behind Genius Ventures, and Seed Club Ventures and operators like Sriram Krishnan, Chase Chapman and Nicole Farb.

Why build Introduction Infrastructure

Despite "connecting the world", platforms like Facebook and TikTok push us further apart. Introductions and shared experiences on the other hand lead to meaningful connection.

That's why we make high quality, personalized introductions between your members so they can stay engaged and find their people.

Our Product Vision

We see a world where online communities are based more on connection, and less on consumption. We are creating this world by solving the 3 biggest pain points that exist in online communities today:

1. Communities struggle with engagement because current platforms connect members to each other’s content, not to each other.

2. Communities take up to 60 hours a week to run

3. Communities are incredibly hard to monetize.

These are pain points that we’ve personally experienced in our 10+ years building online communities.

The only sustainable way to keep members coming back is to help them form meaningful connections. Without creating these connections, you risk joining the “community graveyard” alongside millions of other Slacks and Discords.

Two common ways we’ve seen community managers boost engagement is making manual introductions between members or hosting events. The issue is that neither of these options scale. Manual introductions take hours and everyone’s burnt out from networking events.

Since connecting members is so difficult, Intros works out of the box by connecting members of an existing network, community, or DAO.

Create an Intros Club!

Nine months ago, we launched Intros Ai in private beta behind a waitlist. Since then, hundreds of community builders made Intros a central part of their community experience, shared feedback, and helped us improve the product.

Today we are removing our waitlist and launching our public beta. We are calling it a “beta” because we know there are still some issues to smooth out, but we are confident that even today the experience is meaningfully better than similar products that aim to bring members together.

If you have a community or are part of a community, create an Intros club. An Intros club can either plug into your existing community to connect members, or you can start an Intros Club from scratch.

Welcome to the future of connection.

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